sudoku in 3D

Do you know sudoku?

Sudoku (originally called "number place"), is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. A typical sudoku puzzle consists of nine rows and nine columns in a grid. Some of the squares are pre-filled with one number each; others have blank space to be filled in by the player.









The aim of the game is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids that compose the grid contains all of the digits from 1 to 9, but each number only once.

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The sudoku in real 3D

su3Doku, thesudokucube

su3Doku, thesudokucube is a logic cube toy based on sudoku rules, consists of small cubes placed inside the big cube. Through the holes on the side of the big cube one, two or three small dices can be moved towards the empty space.

3x3x3 su3Doku
3x3x3 su3Doku

The goal of su3Doku, thesudokucube is like for the 2D version, that each side of the big cube contains all digits (from 1 to 9) or each side of the big cube to be the same color.ű

The position of the little cubes can be defined by choosing the first cube to start with. su3Doku, thesudokucube has more solution. Thus you can play with su3Doku, thesudokucube with starting with any little cube.

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One game with more than 50 solution


Normal su3Doku

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Normal version with more than 50 solution.

Colored su3Doku

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For beginners.

su3Doku with colors

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Normal version with colors to understand the logic easier.

2x2x2 su3Doku

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This is harder than it seems at first sight.

4x4x4 su3Doku

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For professionals, for patients.

3x3x3 Braille su3Doku

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For visually impaired or blind people.

... and a lot more come soon

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"I was lucky enough to try it out on an Innovation Exhibition and I really liked it. It was a good feeling that although only one side, but I was able to put it first. I'd love to play with my own."

"I see this first for the first time now, and I think it's a very good game that I would like to play with during travelling on the train or while waiting."

"It's cool and even better than the traditional paper-based version."

"Modern, can be reused many times, anywhere and anytime I can continue where I last stopped."

"How come that this was not invented before?!"

"I first played sodoku 1 or 2 years ago and since that I often challenge myself with that. I’m curious about this version, I like the idea. If it is available I would definitely want one."

"It seems like something I'd like to spend time with during a boring lecture at school or on the train."

"The 3D version is good idea! I really like it."

"At first glance, I would say that it's probably a good thing to challenge the mind with."

"Innovative, I would like to try it and talk to the people who invented it."

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thesudokucube develops your thinking, space vision and memory


Peter Bagi

I am PETER BAGI, the inventor of su3Doku, thesudokucube.

The story of thesudokucube began 10 years ago, in 2008.

We spoke about old toys. I remembered a tili-toli puzzle sergeant Pityke on it. It was one of the best logic games in the '90s. Of its many variants I can recall this very one, which had a policeman and a dog on. Then I imagined how "sergeant Pityke" would have been in "hedgehog" with others. Can you imagine? ... the "tili-toli" puzzle in 3 dimensions. In "hedgehog".

Those days I often spent time in front of the computer playing sudoku online I'm not a pro, but I like it because it make me think. In the simplest version you only need to figure out which number is missing. In a more complicated version you have to think ahead a few steps. There are millions of versions, but there is always only one solution.

The sergeant Pityke tili-toli puzzle consisted of a few small squares. In the traditional sudoku game, 9 numbers must be placed in a 9x9 square divided into 3x3 sub-areas. If the puzzle consisted of 9 squares, then it would correspond to such a 3x3 subfield. Sergeant Pityke in "hedgehog" is a cube with sides 3x3. The idea obviusly came to my mind- what if we write numbers on the squares while adapting the rules of sudoku? Is that possible? I do not know...

... but I imagined it.

This was the beginning.

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The different levels of thesudokucubes build the rules for unloading in you


ELTE Student Innovative Idea Competition 2013/2014

1st place

ELTE student innovative idea competition first place

Simple structure, complicated game


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ELTE Pályázati és Innovációs Központja,, 2014.febr.27.

The variations of thesudokucubes are parts of a gamification system


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